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If you have never moved before you may have the perception that hiring a moving company is far more expensive then moving yourself.   When you break down the numbers in terms of your time, you will see this is not necessary true. To put moving costs in perspective let’s take a look at an example; A two-bedroom condo would cost around $300 to $500 to move, depending on the number of hours involved (between 4 and 6) and whether there are stairs or elevators. This may be surprising to some people who may be under the impression that hiring a moving company is cost prohibitive.

Keep in mind that when you do your move yourself you are investing a lot of your own time, possibly your friend's time, energy and potentially a lot of damage to your valuable furniture. You may need to provide your helpers with food and beverages and you will use hours of your valuable time hauling heavy boxes to a van which you need to rent in advance and pay for insurance and fuel. Then think of the energy it takes to move all those boxes onto the van. If you are driving long distance, you have to take those hours into account and then all the hard work that awaits you when you arrive at your destination and need to unload, return the van, and find people to help you move your items in at your new destination.

By using a moving company that provides competitive rates and professional service with insurance, you can use your time to work and organize other important aspects of your move, saving you time and money.

Call us and you may well be surprised by the affordability of our services. If you throw your back out moving your own things and then have to get treatment, you may end up spending a lot more money and suffer the consequences of an injury. We believe in hiring experts to do what they do best, letting you focus on your work, family and the confidence you are in good hands with AAA Heritage.  

Fully insured and licensed by the Michigan Public Service Commission

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